The Man Behind The Mountain


A visit to The Mountain is in on my bucket list and this short film makes me want to visit even more.

The Man Behind The Mountain - An Intimate Look at American Folk Artist Leonard Knight from Don't Sleep Productions on Vimeo.

New Arrivals

A few more ceramics have arrived this week - here's a bit of a selection of our favourites at the moment!



You can find our Teak Butter Knife appear in the latest issue of Fete Magazine! We sat down and read the latest issue back to back in one sitting (over a very large pot of tea) and its as per usual, an issue worth mentioning!

Pre-Order your Hello Doormat

Everyone has been waiting so patiently and today, we can say that we are officially taking pre-orders for our favourite 'Hello Doormats'. Stock is due to arrive to us by early April, we're opening up pre-orders and letting our wonderfully patient customers get first dibs. Stock is VERY limited, so if you're after one, we would advise ordering one now and not missing out. If you grab one today, you will have one on your doorstep before the onslaught of any wintery, wet, weather! 


They are still $75 each and you can grab one here!

Day of Happiness

Today is officially Happiness Day, so we thought we'd share a few images that make us happy! Enjoy your day everyone.

Melbourne NOW

It the last week of the current NGV exhibition Melbourne NOW and if you haven't already been down to either venue to check-it-out then you'd better go quick sticks. It's all sorts of inspiring for any aged viewer. We took the kids (2 and 4) who loved it and also chatted to our neighbour yesterday who is a super sweet 84 year old who was raving about the exhibition.


If you're in Melbourne - its time to get to it! (it's also free so you don't have any excuses)

Insta Fun!

We're still posting lots of instagram, so if you're addicted too, make sure you pop over and follow us (@hellopollyphotos)

New Arrivals

We just received a fresh new batch of ceramics, including these vintage inspired wares. If you're like us and love vintage jelly moulds, then these planters will be right up your alley. The only problem is chooseing which greenery to add! You can find them here.

First Kiss

Watch this to get a few warm, fuzzies inside. If you could do this, would you? (I think it would be kind of fun and terrifying at the same time)

FIRST KISS from Tatia Pilieva on Vimeo.

Currently Listening To ...

We're currently mesmerised by those cool gals from Haim - damn they're great. If only we could do those dance moves justice!